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Huygens ING researches texts and sources from the past with the aid of new methods and techniques. The Institute champions innovation in research methodology, as well as a better comprehension of Dutch culture and history among a broad public.

The Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands performs analytical research into Dutch literature, history and the history of knowledge, using innovative digital methods. Through the fundamental, advanced and interdisciplinary investigation of source material, Huygens ING provides new insights in the (long-term) development of the Netherlands, without losing sight of Europe and the rest of the world.

We use advanced digital infrastructure that we largely design, build and manage ourselves with partners in the Netherlands and abroad. An important part of our scholarly production takes the form of high quality editions, data sets and access to historical sources. We publish these in our digital infrastructure, and we are at the forefront of digital innovation in this field.

With our research results (studies, editions and analytic tools) we contribute to the ongoing debate in science, education and society. It means that Huygens ING not only enables the work of fellow researchers from the humanities and the social sciences, but also serves the heritage sector, the education sector, the business world, media, and anyone who needs relevant and reliable knowledge about the history and culture of the Netherlands.