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Huygens ING coordinates CLARIAH, the Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities. CLARIAH aims to offer humanities scholars a ‘Common Lab’ that provides them access to large collections of digital resources and innovative user-friendly processing tools, thus enabling them to carry out ground-breaking research to discover the nature of human culture.



Huygens ING is a participant in the CLARIN NL consortium, which is a member of the European CLARIN ERIC organisation. As a CLARIN center, Huygens ING offers hosting and services for datasets and tools for humanities research.
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Royal Netherlands Historical Society

Huygens ING hosts the headquarters of the largest professional union of historians in the Netherlands: The Royal Netherlands Historical Society (KNHG). Together Huygens ING and KNHG offer new digital solutions – both data content and infrastructure – for professional historians and the interested public.

Research School Political History

Huygens ING coordinates the Research School Political History in which 22 institutes and academies participate.

Professor Van Winter Prize

Huygens ING organises the Professor Van Winter Prize.

e-data & research

Huygens ING contributes to the e-data & research newsletter on data and research in the humanities and social sciences. The editorial staff consists of employees from a number of institutes and organizations in the field of research and electronic data.