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Interns and internships


Interns write and talk about their experience during their internships at Huygens ING.

Internships are open to students with an interest in scholarly research in literature, history, and the history of science. Huygens ING offers students the opportunity to undertake an internship within one of the current research projects. Interns generally carry out support activities for projects in the field of textual editing and source publications (transcription, collation, archive and literature research). They participate in all the activities of the cluster and the theme group to which the research project belongs, such as cluster and theme meetings, and in general such institute activities as the monthly working lunch, symposiums, and courses.

Full-time internships generally last three months; part-time internships are correspondingly longer. The monthly allowance for a full-time internship is EUR 200 (gross) and for a three-month full-time internship, a student receives 17 ECTS. Interns who do not have a student public transport pass [Ov-studentenkaart] are reimbursed for their commuting costs in accordance with the KNAW guidelines. The normal length of an internship can be altered in consultation. The allowance and the number of study credits will then be adjusted.

Students who would like to undertake an internship at Huygens ING should write to the project manager concerned or to Jan Burgers, stating their reasons and enclosing their CV.


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